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Jay Sharpe  is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Speaker, Show Host, Freelance Writer & Author of the book Chicken Lyrics and The Pocketbook of Gratitude. She is a native of Jamaica West Indies. Her career background is in the airline industry where she has travelled globally lending her talent in training and coaching to numerous cultural groups. Jay’s goal is to inspire, impact & influence others in a positive way through quotes and messages of inspiration. She is currently working on her new venture of Grief Coaching where her goal is to help people who have experience a horrific tragedy and is seeking to putting the pieces of their lives back together. Jay’s coaching tools and program will enable such person to find harmony in their lives again. You can enjoy many of Jay’s original quotes and lyrics of inspiration, on her official social media pages.


The purpose of hiring a life coach is to help you to achieve your goals and maximize your true potential. He or she can assist you to identify unproductive choices and habits that hinders your potential, and develop life skills to transform your life for the bes. A life-coach can help you to define your deepest, often exceed your goals and customize a plan to transform your dreams into a reality.

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Develop Dynamic Performance
Skills And Strategies


Feathered Consultant

Hi, I’m Wendy Philips! Recently, I was asked why I love being a Trainer? The answer not so complicated! In my quest to become the very best me I submerged myself in coaching and community service.  Attributes ,that came so naturally to the daughter of a High School Principal then Politician. My Dad’s nurturing spirit propelled me to become my brother’s keeper and share knowledge. For I understood clearly that true resilience displayed set us apart in humility to levels of superiority in our personal  and professional life.

In understanding fully that it’s our responsibility to treat all humans with dignity and respect I’ve found creative ways to ignite real compassion daily. Through life lessons and countless antidotes I continue to facilitate dynamic workshops utilizing tools that are inclusive of group and individual sessions. Additionally, we’ve ingeniously captivate our audience by combining service skills coupled with beautification tools to externally transform our audience. A technique that has proven to have tremendous results in areas of deep client/ employee dissatisfaction.  
It is the positive aftermath of our workshops that gives us the drive to forge toward continuous inner transformation servicing each client with uttermost respect and wellbeing.

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Lydia Brathwaite is my real name, but my fitness brand is Zenergi. The ‘Zen’ represents peace and spirituality and ‘energi’ stands for the vibrant nature we all possess and need to unleash. Staying healthy is a part of my DNA and growing up in Barbados I was always a very restless as a child. I eventually fueled that energy into track & field and determined to move to America, I was able to acquire a track and field scholarship.
With the incorporation of music, (my second love as a deejay), I primarily prescribe moderate-to-vigorous circuit workouts either in group sessions or one-on-one outdoors. HIIT workouts are also another favorite of mine, because they boost your cardio respiratory health, thereby improving your VO2 max. The fitness ability of the client is also a determining factor, regarding the level of intensity prescribed for a workout, once an assessment has been completed. Additionally, after consulting with a client, I create a diet plan they should adhere to because proper nutrition is most the fundamental component of maintaining healthy weight.
As a personal trainer, I am an example of what I preach. I work out 5 to 6 days a week and I ensure that 90% of my diet is healthy, with the occasional naughty-but-nice meal on the weekends. I’ve helped a number of clients achieve their fitness goals and the mission will continue until I’ve done all I could, so let’s get physical!


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Featured Consultant

Eddie Sands is a digital marketing consultant to small businesses and life coaches. Also known as the optimistic marketer and creator of the Go-Live Marketing™ Program. With 20 years of experience in sales, internet marketing, social media branding, and personal development. Eddie’s passion to understand the mindset of people led him to study and master marketing. He was initially introduced to sales along with the hard truth of rejections while selling perfumes in the streets of New Jersey. There was always an attraction to engage with people and extend his optimistic personality. His can-do attitude led him to the exciting path of marketing and sales. At the moment he enjoys time with his beautiful wife and children living the sunshine life in Florida. Eddie is also a motivational speaker who enjoys helping people find their true potential in life and in business.

Business Consultants

Kaitlin Francois

Featured Consultant

Hi! My name is Kaitlin Francois and I’ve been a professional make up artist for over 10 years. I spent the first eight years of my career working with MAC Cosmetics as a store manager and artistry developer. I’ve since spent the last couple of years as a full-time freelance makeup artist/educator, working with celebrities and everyday clients, while building amazing long-standing relationships lasting almost a decade. My favorite part about make up artistry is creating one’s signature look. I believe every woman has a their own individual style and whether it’s 5 mins or 45 minutes you want to spend, I can create the perfect look for you

Services Include

One-on one or private group makeup application training

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Wardrobe Planning

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Makeup, skin, and hair consulting- best practices, regiment, and products

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Assist you in developing your personal style

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Color analysis

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Recommend hair color, style and option, and grooming techniques& tools

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Who needs image Consulting

  • Models
  • Politicians
  • People seeking new employment
  • People dating
  • Corporate executive
  • Entertainers
  • Men and women needing a fresh look
  • Social media influencers
  • Business owners/professional
  • Teens

Corporate Image Consulting

Our image consulting team will personally work with businesses in various ways, including writing a dress code policy to solidify its motto, image, or brand. We can also assist by selecting the appropriate uniforms, training of sales staff or managers, and daily training procedures.


Confidently Look Your Best! When you look your best, you feel your best!


Develop your confidence while learning proper techniques and skills to express your best appearance and style effectively.


Renew Your Life

Change the way you think and change your life. Break through limited mindsets and confidently tap into your ability to overcome and advance using your natural strength, and personal talents achieve your goals.

Take Control Of Your Life
& Grow Your Business

Achieve breakthroughs. Take the personal challenge to stretch beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone to increase exposure, profit, and revenue to grow your business. Gain leaderships skills along with best practices to develop employees and attract new clients.

Gain Mental Clarity in
Pursuit of Your Purpose

Radically change your life by gaining clarity and focus on the essential objectives.

Become More Productive

Identify limited mindsets, unproductive behavior and habits that impedes your personal development.

Attain Your Fitness
& Health Goals

Optimize your health and vitality by increasing your energy. Take control of your health—mind, body and spirit. Learn all the do’s and dont’s about diet, exercise and how to increase energy, more vitality.

Awaken The Passion
In Your Relationships

Discover key tools that strengthens relationship bonds, while identifying destructive responses that can sabotage the love and fulfillment in your relationship.

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By joining Meobachi’s Life-coaching team, you’ll play an instrumental role in helping others to identify alternative options to achieve their goals while gaining confidence, life-skills and that adds up to life-changing transformations.

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Whether you are seeking to improve your self-esteem, relationship, health and wellbeing, personal growth, finance, or business; our personal development coaches are here to assist you! Our certified coaches assist our clients to achieve specific goals and establish strategies and life-skills to overcome unproductive behaviors, habits and response to achieve success! 


Our facilitators are committed to providing professional training for individuals, businesses, schools, and groups. We strategically help organizations to how effective use resources, communication skills,  and networking to impact growth and productivity with greater influence.

Develop Dynamic Performance Skills and Strategies

Maximize productivity through education, training, teamwork and professional training.

Your mind can be
your best asset

I'll teach you how to train it.


Why I Became a Life Coach?

I became a life coach because I love helping others! I believe we all possess the inner power to overcome any challenges in life to achieve our goals. When we willing to put in the work, anything is possible! Sometimes we simply need a little push along the way from someone who believes in us—or encountering someone open to sharing how they made it in life, how they got through uncertain times, and the necessary resources required to accomplish success. I can relate to having an idea, getting stuck in the process, or wanting help, but not knowing whom to turn to seek sound advice.
Becoming a life-coach allows me to use my experience to assist others in overcoming and succeeding confidently.  They receive clarity and tools needed to achieve their personal goals while awakening the winner within.

Semone Blair-Walker

International Speaker | Business Strategist | Life Coach

Semone Blair-Walker is the author of the life-changing book, How Can I Win? Unlocking the Blueprint to Personal Success. Also, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who passionately believes each person possesses the inner power to win despite disparities. Semone is the President, CEO of Meobachi Inc., a lifestyle and wellness platform committed to the personal development and well-being of others.

She is an emerging business leader with over twenty-eight years in the beauty and fashion industry. Beyond health and beauty, she is an investor, artist, designer, an innovative life strategist. Moreover, she is a thought-leader, assisting organizations in strategically maximizing growth and leveraging resources to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You name it; she did it!

The President, CEO Of Meobachi Inc.

From overcoming living in a homeless shelter as a single mother, confronting the challenges of abusive relationships, and building a successful business and happy marriage. This dynamic go-getter is undeniably what they call “an overcomer.” By understanding the power of leverage, these experiences and much more, allowed Semone to define her path of unimaginable success.

Today, she uses her experiences to help people worldwide to identify how to cultivate the mindset and discipline to achieve success in their own journey.

  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Nutritionist

Speaking Engagement

  • Create new habits and strategies to identify accountability and priorities to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Be intentional, take charge, master emotions to become an effective leader and increase confidence.
  • Improve focus and receive clarity on objectives and goals that will profoundly transform your life.

Speaking Topics

  • How Can I Win & Awaken the Winner Within? 
  • Turn your Visions & Dreams into Reality 
  • Repurpose your Pain into a Profit

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