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Semone Blair-Walker

International Speaker | Business Strategist | Life Coach

Semone Blair-Walker is the author of the life-changing book, How Can I Win? Unlocking the Blueprint to Personal Success. Also, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who passionately believes each person possesses the inner power to win despite disparities. Semone is the President, CEO of Meobachi Inc., a lifestyle and wellness platform committed to the personal development and well-being of others.

She is an emerging business leader with over twenty-eight years in the beauty and fashion industry. Beyond health and beauty, she is an investor, artist, designer, an innovative life strategist. Moreover, she is a thought-leader, assisting organizations in strategically maximizing growth and leveraging resources to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You name it; she did it!

The President, CEO Of Meobachi Inc.

From overcoming living in a homeless shelter as a single mother, confronting the challenges of abusive relationships, and building a successful business and happy marriage. This dynamic go-getter is undeniably what they call “an overcomer.” By understanding the power of leverage, these experiences and much more, allowed Semone to define her path of unimaginable success.

Today, she uses her experiences to help people worldwide to identify how to cultivate the mindset and discipline to achieve success in their own journey.

  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Nutritionist

Speaking Engagement

  • Create new habits and strategies to identify accountability and priorities to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Be intentional, take charge, master emotions to become an effective leader and increase confidence.
  • Improve focus and receive clarity on objectives and goals that will profoundly transform your life.

Speaking Topics

  • How Can I Win & Awaken the Winner Within? 
  • Turn your Visions & Dreams into Reality 
  • Repurpose your Pain into a Profit

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