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Semone Blair-Walker’s life is made up of a series of compelling stories. In every aspect of life, from business to relationships, from spiritual fulfillment to the realization of dreams, she has taken the smallest of seeds and planted amazing gardens. In spite of poverty, abuse, and countless unpredictable setbacks, she invested in her dreams. Committed to her goals, she dared to tackle new challenges, worked tirelessly, and believed that if she did not give up, she would win. And she did!


Born In Spanish Town, Jamaica,

Semone grew up with limited resources but big dreams.

She wanted to own her own business, to travel, and to experience other cultures. Unfortunately, bad mistakes and God’s dramatic timing often got in the way of her plans! But believing every disappointment is a blessing in disguise, she repeatedly rose up out of disaster to fly higher, farther, and freer than ever. before. With twenty-five years in the beauty and fashion industry, she has done it all, beginning as a hair braider, then stylist, model, and eventually becoming the owner of multiple businesses, including Meobachi. 

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She has appeared in Ebony, Essence, Jet, and Black Enterprises magazines. Also, she was featured in newspapers, commercials, and regularly on a Jacksonville morning television show. She has grown beyond the confines of limiting circumstances, blossoming into a business leader. Beyond health and beauty, she is an entrepreneur, investor, and holds a VP position at Owl Inc. At Owl, she prides herself on providing over 500,000 trips and transportation services offered to veterans and the special needs community annually. Her passions for nature, health, personal vision, and faith have uniquely inspired her, and now she shares her gifts and knowledge with the world through writing, speaking, and philanthropy.

Today, as a mentor and consultant, Semone is using her creativity and talents to inspire many ambitious and growing entrepreneurs. Also, her Meobachi health and beauty products promote a holistic approach, focusing on the three key areas of personal wellness: mind, body, and spirit.​

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