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Meobachi’s mission is to INSPIRE, IMPACT, AND ENGAGE our audience with affective resources that cultivate a sense of well being and personal development. At Meobachi, were all about results. We assist our clients by identifying their specific goals, and provide engaging content that promote healthy habits.

 From health, fitness, family, nutrition,  business, and lifestyle choices etc. Meobachi is a network that brings health awareness and personal development to your front door. Meobachi is geared towards building a community that can influence and sustain each other. By driving success, we create common wealth within our own culture. Our mission begins with YOU!

Life is what you make of it. Many times we wait for doors of opportunity to open to motivate us to move to the next level. I have learned some times, instead of waiting for doors to open, just create your own door. Anything is possible when you put your trust in God.

-Semone Blair- Walker


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Taking action is essential to changing your life and accomplishing your goals. Semone can motivate you by providing proven strategies and tools to develop new skills to improve your current well-being.  

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THANK YOU. “YOU” played a key role in my journey with just a piece of advice that manifested into the happiness in my career that surrounds me today.

I just started my second read last night. I felt myself getting discouraged and I was like let me read this book again. I looove this book. It gives me so much motivation and helped me seek an even closer relationship with God. Thank you

Reading the book and being inspired by others I decided to embark on my own personal fast. Eating healthier, exerecise, alcohol detox, enrolling in a wealth management course and celibacy.

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