If you are looking for a cost-effective way to fight those dreadful weeds this spring and summer—look no further. I have a homemade solution that works within hours. It is excellent for flowerbeds, parks, and safe to use on pavers too. What’s even better—is most of the necessary ingredients can be found in practically everyone’s kitchen. All you need are the following ingredients, and you are ready to go to work



 Ingredients Needed:

1 cup of table salt (rock salt is optional)

1 gallon of vinegar

1 ounce of dishwashing liquid

1 garden sprayer







  1. Place all ingredients into the garden sprayer, shake well, and you are ready to tackle your weeds.
  2. Spray affect areas, including the base of the weeds.



  1. It is essential to clean the tip of the sprayer after each use. In some instances, the salt may become harden over   time and clog the nozzle.
  2. Avoid spraying weed killing formula around areas with an incline that leads to a garden bed with flowers you desire to keep alive. I found that when it rains, the run-off could potentially drain into the beds and kill or damage flowers, plants, and grass in that area.
  3. Avoid applying weed-killing solutions on rainy days. This formula most effective when used on hot sunny days. As for myself, I generally check the weather to ensure I have at least three or more consecutive days without rain before applying my solution.The hotter, the better as well.  The weeds tend to die much quicker during the hot summer days.


Before weed treatment                                                                  24 hours after weed treatment

Now you have all you need to maintain a beautiful garden or paved driveway free of those dreadful weeds. If you have any additional questions, please share it in the comment sections below.

You may also click the link below to watch the tutorial video on my YouTube channel to capture all the detail below:



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