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Durian (Exotic Asian Fruit)

Besides being known for its pungent offensive smell, this exotic fruit has many interesting facts and characteristics, including a wide range of health benefits that can heal the body.


 Some Interesting Facts & Characteristics:

  • Considered by many to be the smelliest fruit in the world.
  • Has over 30 different species in the world, but only 9 are editable.
  • Similar to a jackfruit, but smell and taste different.
  • It is known as the king of fruits. (My guess is because of its appearance and health benefits).
  • Commonly found in Southern Asia, and is a native fruit found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysian rainforest and India.
  • The thorny outer spikey area can grow up to 12 inches long.
  • 100 g fresh fruit carries 147 calories.
  • Some people are not able to smell the odor and smell something sweet, while others think it stinks and looks like diarrhea. (As for me, I noticed an awful aroma shortly after opening the fruit, but realized the scent gradually faded as time went by).
  • Can be eaten at various stages of ripeness.
  • Taste sweet, with a hint of garlic or onion.
  • Can be used to add flavor in Asian culinary dishes. (My cousin stated he did     not like the smell, however, enjoyed it as an additive to ice-cream.

 Health Benefits:

  • Is rich in dietary fiber, which protects the colon mucous membrane and decreases exposure of harmful toxins, as well as aid in eliminating cancer-causing chemical in the intestine.
  • It also works well as a natural laxative.
  • Has a high content of energizing mineral and vitamins. For example, vitamin C aid the body to develop resistance against infectious free radicals that are known to harm the body.
  • Is loaded with beneficial B-complex and potassium that helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Contain a substantial amount of tryptophan (also known as “natures sleeping pill”). Tryptophan metabolizes into melatonin and serotonin, which plays a vital role in soothing nervous irritability and sleep initiation.
  • Known to instantly energize the body
  • Contain a relatively higher amount of fat than most fruits.
  • Free from cholesterol and saturated fat

Are You Ready For The Challenge?

By now, you should have had a chance to view my video link and have a complete rundown on all the fantastic qualities of this odd-looking fruit. It was an exciting experience and challenge you to try it for yourself. You just never know…YOU NEVER KNOW, YOU MIGHT LIKE IT! 😅

“There are no negatives in life, only challenges to overcome that will make you stronger.”

― Eric Bates

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