Garlic Smoked Chilean Sea Bass with Sautéed Baby Spinach (A Keto Diet Recipe)

Post by Semone Blair-Walker

Garlic Smoked Chilean Sea Bass with Sautéed Baby Spinach

(A Keto Diet Recipe)



Are you looking for a healthy, delicious keto diet recipe? Well, I must say…my yummy garlic smoked Chilean sea bass with sautéed baby spinach is irresistible. It not only tastes fantastic, but it can also help eliminate those unwanted fat around the waistline too.

How may you ask? Well, t’s all about the ketones. When carbohydrates are limited in your daily diet, your body produces organic compounds called ketones. During this process, the body burns stored fat for energy instead of the glucose from carbohydrates called ketosis.

Now that you have the carbs minimized, you now need to focus on the proteins and fats. Here is where my seafood recipe can help with your food selection and weight goals.

For this recipe is used the following ingredients:

2 lbs. of Chilean Sea Bass

1 stalk of green onion (sliced in small pieces)

6 pieces of clove garlic (chopped in small pieces)

½ onion (chopped in small pieces)

½ bell pepper (chopped in long slices)

½ tomatoe (chopped in small pieces)

Dash of black pepper

Dash of fresh thyme

2 TBSP Smart Balance butter

2 TBSP of Semone’s blended herbs (or desired alternative all-purpose seasoning)

2-4 cups of baby spinach (served as a side dish)


Cooking Tools Needed:

A Big Green Egg or old fashion grill

Foil or pan

  1. Prepare grill
  2. Rinse Sea bass and place on a large piece of foil or in a pan.
  3. Slice fish about 1-2 inched apart toward the center at least 1 inch in depth.
  4. Sprinkle seasoning evenly throughout the fish included the slices.
  5. Place onion and remaining ingredients with each cut and on top of fish.
  6. Add butter even on the tip of fish
  7. Cover with foil
  8. Cook for at least 15-20 minutes
  9. Open foil or uncover for the remaining 10 minutes to intensify the smoke flavor.
  10. Serve and enjoy
Final Thoughts:

Before I go, I just want to add why Chilean Sea Bass is most likely one of my favorite fish on the market. It is not only tasty but super buttery and flaky too. The filet meat is chunky and difficult to overcook. As for health benefits, it is an excellent source of protein and contains high levels of Omega- 3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation, muscular degeneration and including supporting healthy eyes.

These are merely are few of its benefits and one recipe listed. I have many more to come. Please make sure you subscribe to my site to receive a notification on “What’s New” or visit my Youtube channel for demonstrations and tutorials of my favorite products and recipes.





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